About Us

In 1980, Fuji Merchandise Corporation was established in Los Angeles as a subsidiary of Fuji Merchandise, Inc. in Yokohama, Japan. As an importer of quality products from Japan, our core product-line back then was lacquer-ware from the Shizuoka region, wholesaling primarily to small gift shops in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area. Our product-line has since evolved to include porcelain tableware, kitchen products, cast iron teapots, premium Japanese green tea, paper products, kimonos, professional grade knives, Japanese decorative products, Japanese giftware items, and a wide array of products for the restaurant supply industry. Over the years, our company has grown to not only have a presence in the United States, but also worldwide. We also export to countries such as Holland, France, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East. Here at Fuji Merchandise, it has been our focus and goal to provide our clients with unique, novel and exciting products, competitive pricing, along with attentive customer service. As we continue to receive new items from Japan and China, we invite you to check out our “NEW PRODUCTS” section of our website for the latest additions to our ever growing product-line.

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